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Human Design Core Non-professional Training Courses
Below are the courses for students to take to gain a better understanding about Human Design and themselves.  The courses are broken into five sections based on interest

General Human Design Classes
Classes focusing on Money and Abundance
Classes focusing on Relationships (both personal and family)
Classes focusing on Health
Classes focusing on Consciousness and Evolution.
General Human Design Core Non-professional Training Courses
HD Type Classes:
Your Human Design - that shows you exactly how to live your life so that you are fully expressing who you really are.

The HD-Type classes introduce you, in an hour recorded class, to your Human Design Type.  To register please click on the Human Design Type.  Cost $47.00 each
Manifestor Class - Click HERE 

Manifesting Generator Class - Click HERE 

Generator Class - Click HERE 

Projector Class - Click HERE 

Reflector Class - Click HERE​​​​​​​
The Generators/
Manifesting Generators
Human Design Specialty Series 2 hour audio about the unique challenges and adventures of being a Generator or a Manifesting Generator.  $57.00
The Profiles Class
4+ hours of audio that explains the profiles and the lines of the profiles in depth. An important class to help you understand your learning style, your life path and how you relate to others.  $117.00
Deconditioning by Design
12 hours + of audio slideshows about the de-conditioning process and how you can help yourself release old energies that may be hijacking your life and influencing your life choices.  You'll discover exactly how to live authentically and to never be a victim of someone else's energy again.  $175.00
Sacral Session Training
2 hr in depth audio training to help Manifesting Generators/Generators learn how to "turn on" their Sacral energy and how to use your Sacral to help you get to the Truth of about what you want.  An vital tool for coaches, trainers and anyone who works with Generators.  When you learn how to use this simple tool to help Generator Types get out of their heads and into what is true for them, you give them clarity and freedom.  $175.00
Solar Plexus Mutation
Human Design Specialty Series 90-minute audio presentation about the future of humanity and how the body graph is changing as we evolve. $57.00
Your Soul's Journey
Six hour audio program explaining the evolution of your soul, the Mystical Circuit and how to use your Human Design to expand your consciousness and enlightenment - $175.00
Understanding Circuits, Gates and Channels.
A succinct and profound…yet simple…way to read a Human Design chart.  How to understand the true meaning of the Gates and a brand-new, simple way to understand the keynotes of each of the gates, the secret of the Circuits, the themes in a chart and how they influence money, relationship, spiritually, career and life purpose in a chart.  12 hours of pre-recorded video lessons and over six hours of recorded question and answer sessions.  That is over 18 hours. - $397
Red Flag Gate HD Specialty Series
Human Design Specialty Series.  Over 3 hours of recorded video conference.  Discussing how to understand difficult elements in your chart and how NOT to SUFFER with them…  There are just some Gates that can be kind of gnarly if you don’t know what they’re about and how to use them correctly.   Price $97.00
Mechanics of Choice

There are energetic mechanics to decision making that go beyond Open Centers and Type and Strategy. If you want to understand why you're making the choices you're making and you want to empower yourself to make better choices, you need to understand your hard-wiring and the mechanics of what drives you to make the choices you make.

During this 30+hours of audio training you will learn:

The motivation and mechanics of choice in the Gates, Circuits and Channels
How Conditioning influences the mechanics of choice
How the Gates, Circuits and Channels influence Mistaken Motivation
How the Gates, Circuits and Channels influence subconscious and conscious beliefs - $1497

Transit Class
Knowing how to read the Transits and, most importantly, how the planetary transits affect your personal chart is a powerful way to leverage the energy of the planets.  When you know how to read the planets you can plan the best times to make decisions, take action or contemplate and integrate.   3 hours of recorded video.
Price $197.00
Quantum Alignment System Foundation Class
This this the Intro to the Quantum Alignment System (formerly know as  Healing by Human Design Program) and Covers The 9 Resiliency Keys.  This is not a Certification Class, all lessons are video. Price: $147
Courage by Design

A  recorded 2-hour class showing you how to identify different sources and kinds of fear in your Human Design chart.

Understanding what kind of fear and the source of your fear is an important first step to taming your fear, lowering your stress levels, decreasing resistance and procrastination in your life..Cost:   $57

Classes in Money and Abundance
Abundance by Design
8 hours of audio and slideshows that help you identify what in your Human Design chart might be keeping you stuck from creating more abundance and money in your life.  Your new-found awareness will help you bust through previous limitations and discover how to create weatlh in the way that is just right for you.  A one-size-fits-all approach to manifesting doesn't work.  You'll learn your unique style of creating wealth in your life.  $247.00 
Money by Design
9 class video presentations and journaling exercises to help you understand your unique path to creating money in your life using your Human Design $57.00
Classes in Relationships (both personal and family)
Soulmates by Design
Human Design Specialty Series 90 minute audio about the dynamics of attraction, bonding, relationships and Human Design $57.00
Relationships by Design
Over 16 hours of pre-recorded trainings to help you get the most out of all of your relationships and to create the deep, meaningful and loving connections you desire!   $347.00
Human Design and Sexuality
Human Design Specialty Series totals 4.5 hours with audio and videos about Human Design, attraction, bonding and sexuality and bonuses!  Handouts included.  $197.00
Sexuality by Design 2018
Sexuality by Design - Deliberating Creating an Evolved Path to Intimacy. New Quantum Alignment System Specialty Class.  3 hours of recorded video.  If you're ready to accept yourself on a deep level and use your awareness to love yourself and your partner in a more authentic, vulnerable and joyful way.  If you've got questions about your sexuality, what makes you tick, what turns you on or off, your relationships style, your bonding strategy, what attracts you, what makes you stay in a relationship and what makes you stray, how to love your partner better and more, you want to be here…  Cost: $97.00
Parenting by Design

Each child is magnificently unique and has individual parenting needs.  Your challenge is to figure it all out without a manual, or even a mentor or role model.

Welcome to Parenting By Design, a unique, holistic system of understanding and parenting your child that allows you to systematically understand your child, know their life purpose and structure your parent discipline in such a way as to truly teach your child and empower them.  Parenting By Design gives you a simple system to help you be the parent you want to be.  Includes 8+ hours of audios. Cost: $597.00

EFT for Parents E-Book
How to use the Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) with your children and yourself to make parenting peaceful and easy!  $15.97
Classes in Health
Health and Wellness by Human Design (Sleep by Design)
Human Design Specialty Series 2 hour audio with a bonus on how to sleep right according to your Human Design Type.  $147.00
Bounce Back from Burnout
Includes powerful video series.  If you're suffering from burnout and you want to rebuild your life in the way that's right for you, this program will change your life.  $597.00
EFT by Design (Tapping by Design)
8 hours of audio and EFT tapping scripts created specifically to work with your Human Design chart.  Learn how to use this powerful, meridian-based accupressure system with your Human Design to help you accelerate your deconditioning process and to manage how you experience the world.  $ 147.00
Resiliency by Design
6 hours of recorded Live class taught in Austin, TX  Learn about how to become resilient in these times of change.    $ 97.00
Classes in Consciousness and Evolution
Human Design Summer Camp 2018

This class is currently running (as of 8/1/2018) The Live Q&A will be held on 8/15/2018

This class includes 11 short recorded video lessons with homework.  A recorded Master Class.  And access to the recorded daily inspirational challenges from Karen

This class focuses on how to activate your Soul Purpose and Live your Life Purpose using your Human Design energetic profile.  The challenges add creativity to really integrating your knowledge of your Soul and Life Purpose

  Cost:. $147.

Manifest by Design Class

This class includes 10 short recorded video lessons with homework.  A recorded Master Class.  And access to the recorded daily Q&A's with Karen.  

This class focuses on how to take the right kind of action that sustains you and is in alignment with your natural energy.  The mechanics of how we creat by consciously accessing the Quantum Field.  How your Human Design influences how you experience your Quantum Creativity.

There is NO LIVE interaction.  This is completely recorded. $97.

Alchemy by Design

Alchemy and Magic.  How you can use your Human Design and the cycles of the moon and starts to bring MAGIC back into your life.  This was a class held in January 2017.  There are 8 lessons (some video and some written) and over 7 hours of recorded-Live Intensive class.  $197.00

Evolution Revolution
Human Design isn't only about self-discovery.  It's also about the evolution of humanity.  During this 8-part series, you'll lean about how you can assist the evolution of Earth and why you are a very important part of the future of the world.  $175.00
Inside the Body of God class
10 hour program based on Karen's book, Inside the Body of God, outlining 13 key strategies to help you stay resilient in times of massive change.  Includes the e-book that can be downloaded immediately.  $197.00
Life Purpose in the Chart Class
Human Design Specialty Series 90-minute audio showing you how to identify your Life Purpose in your chart. $57.00
Life Purpose by Design 2-Day Video Series
Online video series (14 hours) intensive training to help you discover your Life Purpose and really live it in your life.  You'll learn your unique Life Purpose, what you need to do to live your Life Purpose and how to remove blocks that may be keeping you from stepping into the full expression of Who You Truly Are.  $597.00
Intuition by Design 2017
Advanced intuitive training includes psychic and medium-ship training (Pyschic Bootcamp 1 & 2).  9+ hours on how to connect with your intuition and the "other side" as well as an angel meditation and Intuition by Design (new lessons added for 2017)12+ hours of when intuition markers are in Human Design.   $497.00
Magic Class
If you’re going to thrive during times of massive change, you’ve got to know how to access your ability to create and stay attuned to your Inner Wisdom.  In order to do that, you’ve got to understand how you are hardwired to connect with Source and how to tap into the Magic that is YOU.  12+ hours of online video. 
Price: 497.00
Quantum Activation 2018
Recorded 2-Day (10+ hours of video lessons) that walked you through scientific formulas, rituals, integrated quantum alignment processes, and a step-by-step system that teaches you exactly how to tap into the magic of your natural creative powers.  Uncover what is really holding you back from creating what you want.  Learn techniques to craft a plan of action, healing and alignment with your Destiny.  (Bonuses not included) $197.00
Quantum Heart Intensive 2018
Recorded 1 Day Intensive (5+ hours of video lessons) where you will discover the 8 Pathways to the Heart and how to use these energies.  How your unique hard-wiring influences your heart, Physiology of the Heart and how to increase your Heart’s coherence and health, How to align your Heart and use it to create a powerful resonance field that increases your ability to attract what you want and need. (some Bonuses not included) Cost $125.00
Quantum Creativity
Recorded 90 minute class taught LIVE Introductory class on Human Design and Quantum Creativity.  Learn how to activate your energy potential so that you can thrive and stay resilient during this time of massive change.  You will also learn about the mechanics of Quantum Creativity and how to keep your energy clean.  
****This does not include a hard-copy of Karen's book
Cost $25.00
One to One Sessions with Karen Curry Parker
Virtual - VIP Day with Karen Curry Parker
Spend the day working one-on-one with Karen working on whatever you need to work on.  You may choose to go deeper into your chart, work on your business, your relationships, your family life, challenges with your's YOUR time. Comes with 60 days of follow up.  $4500.00
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